Concert Report

I attended ???Romantic Trio??? on Thursday, March 24, 2010 at Bogazici University, Albert Long Hall. The hall was much more crowded than I expected because it was workdays. The word wide known Israeli pianist Itamar Golan met with two Turkish musicians who are Atilla Aldemir and Cag Ercag. They presented the masterpieces of romantic music as double and trio. Atilla Aldemir is the valuable violin and viola player and Cag Ercag is the other valuable artist, who plays cello. Three of artists came together to present romantic compositions to audiences.
Albert Long Hall is the as big as for concert but its scene is smaller. There is a mystic atmosphere, which affect the audience. Floor covering and the saloon color fill in the mysterious. Audiences were generally young people. I think that the average age of audience is higher than me before the concert but young had shown more interest like me. Moreover there were a few foreign guests to attend the concert. Music was gathered all nations and kind of people under Albert Long Hall. The general mode of dressing was between classic and sports because of the young generation. However artists??™ dresses were typical and classical. They looked surprisingly good. They located the center of the scene. The mid and back place included piano with Mr. Golan. Mr. Aldemir located at the left of the Mr. Golan and Mr. Ercag was another side. Lights helped to influence audience. Especially some changes such as darken lights among the pieces were affect me, I joined the romance of music.
I attended the classical music concert at first time. Generally I think that this type of music does not affect me because I was listening classic music while I was studying, so I did not try to understand it before. Also I do not have any information about it. Before I went to concert, I reviewed my learning from Hum204 lecture, so I can analyze and enjoy much more. Romantic Trio includes romantic composition, which explains the emotions with sound. The expression of romance without any words is the key point because it is different way for me. The combination of loudness and softness, which refers to dynamic, was at perfect point

to keep me ready to listen all time without any monotony. At the end of the concert, I whispered the melody of some part of it. And also artists affected me because they played their instruments as living them.
The concert was related with romantic composition from the masterpieces which were from 19th century. Elegie op. 44 from Alexander Glasunov, Elegio op. 24 from Gabriel Faure, Trio No. 1 op.49 from Felix Mendesshon and Trio No. 1 op. 8 from Johannes Brahms were included at this concert program. Before going to concert, I did some search for these pieces and I understand them well and I enjoyed much more. First Itamar Golan and Atilla Aldemir came the stage. They present Elegie op. 44 from Alexander Glasunov. This piece is from Romantic Era, 1893. It sounds really good and its pitch is low. Soft and calm romantic composition was emotionalized me. It is generally decrescendo but some part especially the mid parts are crescendo. Homophonic textures, in which two or more parts move together in harmony, draw the attention. First piece was succeeding affecting me deeply.
Second composition was Elegio Op. 24 from Gabriel Faure, which is from Romantic Era, 1883. The piece, C minor, is slower and more upset than first piece. It was represented by pianist Itamar Golan and cellist Cag Ercag. This piece is in ABA format which is that A theme starts and continue with B theme, changes sharply the rhythm. Cello and piano composition are within a harmony. We hear cello melody accompanied by piano so the texture is homophonic.
The following composition was Trio No. 1 op.49 from Felix Mendelsshon, which is from again Romantic Era, 1839. At this composition 3 of valuable performer came together. Cello and piano started and violin joined them later. This composition has allegro tempo because in some parts it was fast and it has a gradual increase in loudness. It was homophonic texture in general but in some theme polyphonic and monophonic texture were available. It was more energetic than first two compositions. I think this sequence was better because more romantic and slow pieces may depress me if they were too much because of my dynamic character. According to my research there are 4 movements at this piece, which are Molto allegro e agitato, Andante con moto tranquillo, Scherzo: Leggiero e vivace, Finale: Allegro assai appassionato. These movements are related with the structure of trio. For example; in the first movement, sonata forms begins without introduction and main theme is cello and continue with joining piano and violin. In the second movement piano is the main theme and cello repeats with counterpoint to piano. The other movements explain the structural changes as first two movements.
The last composition was Trio No. 1 op. 8 from Johannes Brahms, which is from Romantic Era, 1854. This composition was played with all piano, cello and violin. It was more allegro and vivage than the others. Also it was crescendo and it shows us that piece does not need to be slow to be romantic. This composition has again 4 movements like Trio No. 1 op.49. Allegro is the first movement which is in B major, starts with cello and piano. Scherzo is the second one which is in B minor but feeling changes. Adagio is the next one which is again in B major and using chromaticism with cello. Allegro is the last movement which is in B minor, using chromaticism again with ambiguous tone. Trio No. 1 from Meldelssohn was energetic than first two but Trio No. 1 from Brahms was my best piece in this concert because it is most energetic one like my feelings.
In conclusion, I enjoyed the classic music concert and really like the actors??™ performance. While I was listening to the concert, I forgot all my problems and at the end of the opera I found myself to be relaxed and emotional. It leads to increase in my interest to classic music and it chances my bad idea about classic music. I recommend this concert to my friends.

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