Homophobia in the Workplace

Homophobia in the Workplace
Leadership plays an important role in how a business will function; it determines the style of motivation, which then sets the tone for employee behavior. There are many management styles, just as there are many types of personalities. In today??™s fast paced corporate world, a manager must think creatively to solve problems. Management includes problem solving skills and has many different functions.
Leadership sets the tone of the business. The interactions management has with employees and the external customer plays a role in how the businesses will succeed. It is vital that management understand how their actions will affect the bottom line. Using an authoritative style may bring consistency, but not creativity. It is important for business leaders to review their style and its role in the productivity of employees and by extension their business. Different management styles can have a positive effect on employees; it can also result in negative effects. With this in mind, each management style can be administered and utilize management training to effectively lead the employees in the workplace.
Management is a process to achieve organizational goals through planning, organizing, leading and controlling people, and other organizational resources (Nickels, McHugh, and McHugh, 2008). As a manager, you must not only perform these things, but also consider management training. Training is an important part of being or becoming a manager. Management training has evolved and become more complex prior to the millennium.
According to the American Society for Training and Development, the baby boomers are fast approaching retirement age, and there are several major issues relating to boomers that managers must now face in 2006. One major issue is a fear that company knowledge will leave with the boomers, which is forcing mangers to find a way to transfer that knowledge to younger workers, either through videotaping, coaching or training (Management Training, 2006). Today, managers are expected to supervise more workers and again to pass along management philosophy to their staff (Ketter, 2006).
Planning however is the fundamental function from which the others stem from. Planning is the development of a business??™ objectives and how they will be accomplished. Abbott Laboratories believe that the function of planning is a staple in the way management must function. Although the company has many different departments, they all can agree that planning is the key to being a successful manager.
Organizing is also key function of management. Organizing involves setting and maintaining structure within the organization. Management must take a look at all departments throughout the company when organizing. At Abbott Laboratories, management believes in defining duties, maintaining discipline, and offering fair and suitable rewards for its employees. Management uses organizing in decision-making, and assigning tasks. These tasks are divided, grouped, and coordinated by the management.
The management function of influencing is directed towards people??™s behavior. Influencing is another function of management. This can be done through communication, motivation, discipline, and leadership. Managers give this function a variety of names such as directing, leading, and controlling. Working under this function helps the management to control and supervise the actions of all employees at Abbott Laboratories.
Having a diverse work force in terms of geographic origin, ethnic background, gender, religion, and life experiences enriches companies with new perspectives and insights. However, the issue of workplace diversity has been one of great insecurity and debate over the past decade.
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