Homophobia? is a term used to refer to a range of negative? attitudes? and feelings towards? lesbian,? gay? and in some cases? bisexual,? transgender people. The concept of someone heterosexual being ???straight??? makes one wonder. What does that make a homosexual exactly Crooked There itself lies the problem of homophobia. The assumption that these people are different and therefore should not be accepted.Analyzing a perspective of why homophobia exists is basically because of a fear of the unknown. ???Normal??? heterosexual people would just assume that homophobia is unnatural and weird leading them to discriminate against those people who are sexually inclined in a different way. However, some people argue saying that homophobia should be fought against because it is said that in various religions the practice is strongly looked against. Firstly, it must be understood that ones religious perspective does not give another the right to actually condemn someone who might or might not have the same beliefs as you. And when actually looking at what the religious books cite, it is obvious that many verses have been taken out of context to actually fulfil many a selfish purpose such as to persecute Jews (think Hitler). It is the biggest harm in the world to actually assume that an interpretation of a holy book gives one the right to think that they are supremely allowed to pass judgement on a fellow being. While looking at what religious books forbid, take a look at what they propogate instead which is acceptance, love and understanding, which is what we should be trying to uphold.Looking at homosexuality through tunnel vision is what actually leads to discrimination in the first place. The assumption that they are not ???normal??? or have ???weird tendencies??? is what leads to this misunderstanding about them in the first place. After asking a number of Help students their opinon??™s, this is what one of them had to say. ???The fact that the gay phenomenon has become so wide-spread has made me extremely cautious whenever I meet new people. You never know just who you are shaking hands with.” The problem with the statement above leads to the first issue faced by many heterosexual people. The assumption that homosexual people will ???make the moves??? on them and make them feel uncomfortable. There??™s only one phrase to assure you that they won??™t. It??™s GET OVER YOURSELF. Homosexual people are not that different than us and to assume that they??™re going to be attracted to you immediately JUST because you happen to be of the same gender is the same as assuming that every heterosexual member of the opposite sex is into you. That is just pure egoism talking.Taking a fair and unbiased look at homosexuality is also putting yourself in the shoes of a person who happens to be unfortunate enough to be born into a situation that is so condemned by society. Society who doesn??™t even have the social nor the principle right to assume they are allowed to become moral police. A sexuality of a person in not a conscious decision that is made the minute they were born and as human beings their rights to be respected matters as much as any supposedly normal person. Also, homesexuals, do not differ from hetrosexuals in lifestyle. Just partner choice. What people have to realize is that this being an unconscious choice is not something that should be discriminated against. As another Help student stated ???Homosexuality is not a choice, just like heterosexuality is not a choice. One does not choose to be straight, just like one does not choose to be gay. There is a large controversy of people being gay, but I for one, have no problem with accepting gay people, because at the end of the day theyre just people, trying to live a normal life and getting themselves accepted into the community. just because its not a societal norm, doesnt mean it shouldn??™t be accepted.???Nevertheless taking a different stance, the effects homophobic people have on the gay community is both daunting and terrifying. Imagine being born a certain way only to be sure that your lifestyle choice is going to lead to discrimination and queer looks. Especially, in the young adults world where everything is uncertain, where college applications, results and studies seem to be the most important events at the moment. Imagine silently suffering and being unable to reach out, to tell the world who you truly are seeing as it would only bring added stress and prejudice. It is a known fact that in school, students cruelly use a word linked to homosexuality as an insult to highlight a difference from a typical gender expectation. Boys who are considered to be more feminate then the usual masculine norm are called gay or girls who dress like boys or have strong feminine opinions are labeled as lesbians, This paints a picture of homosexuality as something that is highly undesirable and wrong. These taunts and supposedly harmless jokes lead to homosexual individuals being silenced and wanting to remain in the closet for as long as possible.However, there are an incredibly large number of students who do not belive that there is anything wrong with being part of the LGBT community. One student said ???I think gay people have the choice to like whoever they want to like. I mean old fashioned people might think theyre outcasts but i think theyre pretty cool, especially the ones that come out of the closet I think they have really got the balls, to show off who they really are.??? Another student said ???I dont feel gay people are a different kind of people.. They just have different preferences dont they And a few of my best friends are gay and its no different than being friends with straight people except that with gay guys you have someone to guy-watch with??? [pic]There is something extremely comforting about realizing that although there are people who do find something wrong with being homosexual there also others who belive that there is nothing wrong with being different and embracing that individuality.In recognition of homophobics however, I acknowledge that there the entire issue is a matter of difference in opinion. Despite that, the fact remains that an opinion only extends to being one as long as it does not infringe on the comfort zone of another person. Once that line is breached it stops being a personal view and instead becomes discrimination. I pose this question to you, racism was once acknowledged because a certain race was considered to be so much better then another. However as the years progressed it was understood that all humans are equal and race does not distinguish an individual. What is so different about sexuality in a lifestyle We have to come to understand that a person is not distinguished by his or her sexual preference but instead character and personality. Once this is fully understood, only then can homophobia be truly abolished.

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